Knight-Mozilla Open News

Code Convenings

Code convenings are small, focused gatherings in which two-person teams from several newsrooms assemble, each with an open source project that needs last-mile development and documentation to be ready for release.

In 2014, we hosted three code convenings in Portland, San Francisco, and New York, with participants from Al Jazeera, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Los Angeles Times, MinnPost, OpenElections, ProPublica, the New York Times, NPR, Stanford’s Computational Journalism program, the Washington Post, and WNYC as well as extra hands-on help from GitHub and the Mozilla Foundation. 10 open-source projects and one meta-project emerged from the convenings:

  • Clarify: An OpenElections data discovery and parsing tool for Clarity-based elections systems
  • The California Civic Data Coalition: a meta-project dedicated to making California's public data easier for reporters and other power-users to access
  • The Election Night API: A MinnPost package of tools, configurations, and instructions for collecting and serving Election Night data
  • FourScore: A WNYC graphic template for capturing reader sentiments in an elegant 2D chart
  • Landline and Stateline: A ProPublica tool for creating easy SVG maps that work across all browsers
  • PourOver and Tamper: A New York Times library and protocol pair that let you quickly filter datasets with thousands of records, right in the browser
  • Pym.js: An NPR library enabling responsive iframes for embedded graphics
  • Wherewolf: A serverless boundary server from  WNYC
  • Whippersnapper: An automated screenshot tool for keeping a visual of web content, from the Washington Post

In 2015, we’ll host a new round of code convenings, each with an open call for submissions. Follow us on Twitter or sign up for our email list to be notified when we post each call.