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Meet our 2015 Knight Mozilla Fellows as they hack the news around the world.

Celebrating our 2015 Knight-Mozilla Fellows

We are excited to introduce you to our 2015 Knight-Mozilla Fellows. This cohort comes from around the world, from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, to spend 10 months hacking the news in some of the best newsrooms around. Meet them now.

We are OpenNews

We're helping a global network of developers, journalists, makers, and hackers collaborate on innovative code and new ideas. We believe a community of peers working, learning, and solving problems together can create the tools journalism needs to thrive on the open web. Here's how:


Knight-Mozilla Fellows are developers, technologists, civic hackers, and data crunchers who receive a paid 10-month fellowship to develop open-source projects in our partner newsrooms. Learn more.


We believe the code that's being written in journalism today is transformative to the wider web. At OpenNews, we help create and support open-source tools like data visualization libraries, election data parsers, and civic data scrapers that fill real-world needs in newsrooms around the globe and build a stronger, more secure, more accessible internet. Here's how.

Hack Days and Events

We sponsor hack days and journalism code events across the globe to build community, code, and momentum for solving problems that working journalists face. Start hacking with us.


We run Source as a centerpoint for the code being written throughout the journalism community. From features that explore the context behind the code to targeted job listings that help the community expand, Source presents the people, projects, and insights behind journalism code. Visit now.


The hacker-journalist community is a vibrant one, and we're helping it grow in size as well as strength. A diverse array of skills and experiences in technology are necessary to tackle the challenges facing journalism, and we're excited about bringing new people into this community. We want to engage the community at every step, that means we need your help. Get involved.