Knight-Mozilla Open News

Our 2015 Fellows explore journalism code.

Our 2015 Knight Mozilla Fellows visit the Los Angeles Times. Meet them now.

The Knight-Mozilla Fellowships

Each year, we select a group of developers, designers, civic hackers, and data crunchers to spend 10 months working as Knight-Mozilla Fellows embedded in our partner newsrooms. Fellows bring technical skills and a passion for tackling tough, important problems to the tight deadlines and abundant datasets of journalism.

Fellowships are paid positions, and emphasize open-source development that strengthens specific newsrooms and the larger journalism-code community. Applications for the 2016 Fellowships are open now, and the deadline to apply is August 21 at midnight EDT.

The 2016 Fellowships

We’re looking for seven fellows to work with news organizations around the world. Fellows spend 10 months working with newsroom colleagues, experimenting on collaborative projects, and sharing their work. Our fellowship hosts for 2016 are: the Los Angeles Times Data Desk, NPR, Vox Media, Frontline, Correct!v, and The Coral Project (a collaboration between the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Mozilla). Apply now to become a 2016 Knight-Mozilla Fellow.

The 2015 Fellowships

Our current cohort of fellows are working with: the Guardian, La Nacion, NPR, Vox Media, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Meet our 2015 fellows.

The Fellowship Experience

Knight-Mozilla Fellows work in some of the best newsrooms in the world: they’re present as news breaks, write code for the day’s headlines, wrangle thorny datasets, and get to take a step back to build better newsroom tools and practices. As a fellow, you would live and work for 10 months in the city where your host newsroom is located (relocation is supplemented as part of the fellowship) and work as a member of the newsroom team.

The kinds of projects fellows work on day-to-day are dictated by the news organization and the fellow, and include projects focused on data, mapping, research, and impact analysis. If you already have ideas of things that interest you, whether it be news games or civic data crunching, that’s great. We’re looking for people who want to experiment with technology in journalism, and fellows get plentiful room to figure out what those experiments should be.

Why Newsrooms?

Our fellows' work is rooted in developing open projects that help us all better understand our world via journalism. But embedding fellows in newsrooms does more than contribute to journalism.

News is at the center of many people’s web use, and the technology decisions news organizations are currently making will shape the way we experience the entire web for years to come. As advocates of the open web, we are especially invested in making open technology options a realistic and attractive option for newsrooms, technically and culturally.

Working in the Open

Knight-Mozilla Fellows share their work beyond their host newsrooms. By blogging their experiences, pushing code to open repositories, and taking part in other OpenNews initiatives, our fellows help strengthen the entire journalism-developer community and contribute to a more transparent, secure, and accessible internet.