The joyful crowd at the Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party. (photo/Ramiro Chanes)

Journalism code ticket + travel scholarships

The journalism code community is diverse and distributed across the globe. Events can be a great opportunity to get together in person to chat and collaborate, but sometimes the cost of travel can be a hardship. To help defray the cost of attending conferences and other technical events, OpenNews offers Ticket + Travel scholarships.

Whether you’re a newsroom developer at a small organization with a strained professional development budget or a freelance developer eager to learn more about journalism code, we created this program to help you attend events. We’ve closed our third, and final, scholarship application for this year. Join our email list to find out about when the next application will open.

What we’re offering

  • $500 toward the cost (travel, lodging, etc.) of attending an event on journalism technology, or an open source event where you’ll bring a journalism connection.
  • Full coverage of your event registration fee (capped at $1,000, but most events in the community cost much less).

When applications are open

Our third application was open until June 26. We notified all applicants by June 30.

We had two earlier batches of applications this year:

  • Our first application closed on January 13.
  • Our second application closed on March 17.

Who should apply

  • Anyone who is part of the journalism code community such as developers, designers, and data analysts working in newsrooms.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about the journalism code community such as people working in other areas of technology who want share their development, design, or analysis skills with journalists.
  • People of color, women, and other under-represented groups in technology are strongly encouraged to apply.

What happens after you apply

OpenNews staff will review applications and inform applicants of their application status by the notification date.

What happens after the conference

You tell us how it went! We’ll send you a short follow-up survey and will be excited to check out any blog posts or code repos that come out of your participation in the event.


What types of events are covered for travel?
If there’s an event that you think would help increase your participation in the journalism code community, you should tell us about it and apply for the scholarship. For the third application, some of the events people applied for support to attend included:



September and beyond

Can people outside of the US apply for the scholarship?
Yep! The application is open to everyone. We welcome applications from any country. And you can apply for a scholarship to attend events outside of the US, too.

When will I receive my scholarship?
When we notify scholarship recipients, we will include information about how to receive the scholarship funds. In short, we’ll ask you to fill out a form to receive a stipend and a form to gather your W-9 details. Our administrators will process the payment. It may take a month or so for check processing.

What if I need more than $500 for my travel?
We’re able to offer $500 scholarships at this time. Many events and professional organizations offer their own scholarship programs as well. Or maybe your event has things like a room share board to help cut down on costs.

Why are you offering this scholarship?
We know that a lot of important work, sharing, and learning happens at in-person events. It’s not easy for everyone to get to those events though, no matter how valuable they may be. We know that travel costs can be a hardship, and offer this scholarship as a way to help mitigate that.

How do you decide who will receive a scholarship?
OpenNews staff reviews all applications. We prioritize applications from members of communities under-represented in journalism and technology and journalists from small and non-coastal newsrooms. We also prioritize applications that will allow the person to attend an event where they are speaking or otherwise making a major contribution.

What about your conference, SRCCON?
We run a separate scholarship process for that event. You can find more information on the SRCCON site.


If you have any additional questions that we didn’t cover here, just email us.