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Source: Journalism Code, Community & Context

The code emerging from newsrooms drives innovation across the web, and the community writing it is talented, dedicated, and growing fast. Our community hub, Source is spotlights that community and dives deep into the code it’s making.

The Context Behind the Code

No code is written in a vacuum, and that’s especially true in journalism, where the news of the day influences the lines of code written to research, report, and interpret it. Our features connect the code with its context, using the journalistic approach of “Who, What, Why, When, and How” to exploring the motivations, ideas, and innovations behind the lines of code.

We’ve built the shape of the community into the very source code of Source itself, collecting data around people and organizations with every article we write and every line of code we index. You can learn more about the creators of journalism’s vital codebases right alongside the code they’ve written.

Learning to Do It—Better

OpenNews Learning calls Source its home. Offering regular case studies on data crunching, visualizations, mapping, and the ethics of data journalism OpenNews Learning offers in-depth, behind-the-scenes, guides to the world of journalism code written by the people who make it.

Source Needs You

Launching a new project and want to document it? Got something we should do a Q&A about? Working on an ambitious project and looking for collaborators? We need your work on Source. So please, share your work.