SRCCON 2015 (photo/Erik Westra)


We create spaces where the journalism-code community can gather and focus on the informal skillshares and insightful conversations that are the best parts of conferences.

We host events designed to provide space for those conversations and collaborations to bloom, surrounded by plentiful food, good coffee, and enthusiastic colleagues. We also host cohort-driven convenings to allow small groups of participants to really dig into questions and projects.

SRCCON 2015 (photo credit: Erik Westra)

SRCCON, the OpenNews Conference

SRCCON is a hands-on conference focused on the practical challenges news technology and data teams encounter every day. We welcome participants from all fields—if you want to strengthen journalism online, we want you there. The conference returns in August 2017 for its fourth year, plus at the end of 2017 we’ll have a bonus smaller topical SRCCON, too. Find out more.

Code, Culture, and Leadership Convenings

These cohort-driven convenings give a small group of participants a chance to explore tough questions and projects, together. Modeled off of our Code Convenings program, in 2017 the format will expand to include topics beyond code. Learn more.

Journalism at the Mozilla Festival

The OpenNews team organizes the journalism sessions at the Mozilla Festival, an annual festival of the open internet in London. The journalism sessions at MozFest bring together journalists and developers from around the world for two days of hands-on knowledge sharing and conversation. Learn more.