SRCCON 2016 highlights video, videography by Searle Video.


SRCCON conferences are two days of community connection, collaborative sessions, and a ton of documentation. As one attendee put it, “The structure of the program and the attention to detail and people’s needs is what makes this an exceptional and special event.”

We’ve been hosting SRCCON events since 2014, and have gathered years of writing about how we create these inclusive, participatory spaces as well as session documentation, and resources that inspired us from the start. If you’d like to learn more about how we organize these events, and maybe have us help out with an event of your own, reach out!


SRCCON 2019 returns to Minneapolis on July 11 & 12 and will include 300 participants who want to dig into challenging questions and discuss ways we can make newsroom tech teams, and journalism overall, work well for everyone.

Through these events, we see how much this community working at the intersection of journalism, technology, and social changes supports one another and pushes each other to implement more inclusive policies, and do more sustainable and interesting work.


SRCCON:POWER in December 2018 was the second in a series of smaller, topic-focused convenings built on the SRCCON model of deep conversation and community connection. Participants engaged in conversations about how power influences our work at the intersection of journalism and technology, and one attendee shared that they walked away from the event with knowledge that “There is a community in journalism that wants to reform power structures and it makes me feel heard and safe.”

The conversations, feedback, and challenges raised during SRCCON:POWER have influenced OpenNews’ work into 2019 and beyond.