One of the ways sponsors help us power SRCCON: caffeine.


As a nonprofit, OpenNews receives funding from supporters, foundations, and sponsors. OpenNews receives significant operating support from the Knight Foundation and undewriting of SRCCON through sponsorship.

Sponsors of SRCCON

OpenNews' annual conference SRCCON brings together developers, designers, and data analysts in newsrooms—and many others in allied roles and fields—for two days of peer-to-peer sessions built around conversation and collaboration. SRCCON, now in its fourth year, has benefitted from the generosity of sponsors to help underwrite the cost of things like travel scholarships, transcription, and even super tasty coffee.

  • 2014 SRCCON Sponsors: Mandrill, WordPress, FiveThirtyEight, Mapzen, Vox Media, Rackspace, Sourcefabric,
  • 2015 SRCCON Sponsors: Mandrill, VIP, Slack, NPR, Twitter, Fusion, StarTribune, University of Minnesota Journalism Center, John S. Knight Fellowships, Alley Interactive, Thomson Foundation, University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • 2016 SRCCON Sponsors: Conde Nast, Mail Chimp, WordPress, New York Times, John S. Knight Fellowships, Dow Jones News Fund, Vox Media, Civil Co, Alley Interactive