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OpenNews News Partnerships

At OpenNews, we build with our community, not simply for it. Partnerships with news organizations around the world help shape, guide, and implement our programs. As contributors to Source, as participants in code convenings, and as organizers of hack days, our news partners are a crucial part of OpenNews.

Share Your Work

From visualization libraries to data extractors and presentation templates, newsrooms are creating some of the most exciting code on the internet right now. We highlight that work on Source, our website dedicated to the code in journalism and the people who write it. On Source, news organizations share the code, process, and thinking behind news applications and interactives. The resources on the site are a direct result of the generosity and efforts of the developers, designers, and newsrooms who are willing to show their work. Join them by sharing your contributions today.

Build Together at Code Convenings

OpenNews code convenings bring together some of the best newsroom developers in the world with leading independent talents to work together to complete, document, and release open-source projects. Code convening teams open-source newsroom code and build new applications and libraries to address journalistic problems. Want to take part? In 2015, we’ll host a new round of code convenings, each with an open call for submissions. Follow us on Twitter or sign up for our email list to be notified when we post each call.

Building Community

We partner with news organizations and others around the world to foster journalism-code collaboration by hosting and organizing news-themed hack days. If you’d like us to help with your hack day, tell us about your proposed event.

Staff Up

We also directly support the creation and build-out of newsroom technology teams through Source Jobs, a listings service that allows newsrooms to post and edit news apps and data journalism jobs, as well as administering their overall presence on Source. Get started by designating a jobs contact for your organization.