Knight-Mozilla Open News

From fellowships to Source to code convenings, it always comes back to the newsroom. (photo/Erin McCann)

Get Involved

OpenNews was created to support, strengthen, and expand the the community around open source code in journalism. Whether you’re part of an established news apps or data team, or brand new to the field, we have programs and resources to help you connect with peers and mentors, share your work, and make more fantastic projects.

Become a News Partner

Are you a newsroom looking to get more involved in the community by running a hack day, joining a code convening, or sharing your organization’s work on Source? Learn how to become an OpenNews partner.

Find a Job in a Newsroom

News organizations are hungry for skilled developers and data wranglers who want to do journalism development, data-wrangling, and visualization work full time—and many of the positions are open even to those with no prior newsroom experience. Find a journalism code job at Source Jobs.

Share Your Work on Source

From visualization libraries to data extractors and presentation templates, newsrooms are creating some of the most exciting code on the internet right now. We highlight that work on Source, our community site focused on the behind-the-scenes work of newsroom code. On Source, news developers share the code, process, and thinking underlying news applications and interactives. The resources on the site are a direct result of the generosity of the developers, designers, and newsrooms who are willing to share their work. Join them by sharing your contributions today.

Learn More about Code in Journalism

  • Check out Source: Learn about new projects, dive into in-depth case studies, or find a journalism code project to fork on GitHub.
  • Join in a call: We hold a community call every other Wednesday at 11am US Eastern Time where newsroom coders discuss projects, event organizers report on their hack days, and Knight-Mozilla Fellows detail their adventures.
  • Participate in a hack day: We support hack events all over the world and there may be one happening near you soon.
  • Follow us on Twitter: ask questions, find out what we’re up to, and let us know what you’re doing.