Knight-Mozilla Open News

Collaboration in progress at SRCCON 2015. (photo/Erik Westra)

What We Do

At OpenNews, we are building an ecosystem of programs and tools in support of the global community of journalists and coders who are creating the open technologies and processes journalism needs to thrive.


In 2014, we hosted the inaugural SRCCON, a conference for hackers and data nerds working in and near newsrooms. Our second SRCCON was held last June, and we’re returning for a third year in the summer of 2016. We also run the Journalism track at the Mozilla Festival, a multi-day celebration of making and the open internet held annually in London. Learn more about the kinds of sessions we run and how to attend.

Code & Community Support

In collaboration with writers and developers in newsrooms around the world, we publish Source, a community site focused on open technology projects and process in journalism. From features that explore the context behind the code to targeted job listings that help the community expand, Source presents the people, projects, and insights behind journalism code.

Several times a year, we host code convenings, focused events in which small teams from newsrooms gather to complete last-mile code and documentation for open-source projects they’ve been working on. We also hold biweekly open community calls where newsroom data and apps teams can share their work, announce job openings, and find collaborators. In addition, we sponsor hack days and journalism code events around the globe to build community, code, and momentum for solving the problems working journalists face. Learn more about our community support programs.

Get Involved

Everything we do is built around the needs of the sprawling community of people who code (and crunch data, and design interactive tools) in and around newsrooms. Whether you’re an old hand or just curious about the field, there’s a way for you to get involved.

Support for OpenNews

OpenNews is made possible by a grant from the Knight Foundation and the support of the Mozilla Foundation. In addition, OpenNews receives support for its conference SRCCON through sponsorship.